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Why You and Your Pet need a Pet Door

 At  First Coast Pet Doors we know adding a pet door to your home, that  is customized to fit your needs will greatly improve the quality of life  for you and your pet.  Once a pet door is installed you also have the freedom to work YOUR schedule and not your pet's potty schedule. Pet doors offer improvement  of physical and mental health for your pet by keeping them active and stimulated.  A pet that has freedom  to run and play when they want to is far less likely to engage in negative behavior indoors. Pet doors can also provide a quick escape in a emergency situation like fire or burglary for your furry family member. 


Locally Owned and Operated

When ordering online from a company that is in another state you are left on your own to figure out all the details and if you make a mistake the time to return it with restocking fees is a real hassle. You then have the problem of finding and hiring a reputable handy man or someone that may not be familiar with your new pet door. Our Techs know our doors inside and out and how best to custom fit your pet door into your unique space. Our experienced installers can install your top of the line pet door in screens, walls or doors. When ordering a new exterior door we offer French style, blinds, clear glass or designer glass as a insert. We offer our North East Florida customers  the finest pet doors available on the market today with professional installations.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your pet door will pay for itself over and over in energy savings alone. With components made to last or easily be replaced if need be.  Each pet door comes with the manufacture's 5 to 15  year warranty. These pet doors stand up to even the toughest breeds. Our licensed and insured contractors provide you with peace of mind and the professional experience you expect. 

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Endura Flap Pet Doors

Security Boss Wall Pet Doors

Endura Flap Pet Doors

Award winning Endura Flap with a solid 15 yr warranty that will resist winds of up to 50 mph.

These doors come with a solid 15 yr warranty and a insulated flap made to resist winds of up to 50 mph. 

Maxseal PRO

Security Boss Wall Pet Doors

Endura Flap Pet Doors


Unique "hinged" flap allows smooth swing action without pinching. 1" Stainless Steel closing panel gives you a pet door that will last many years. 

Security Boss Wall Pet Doors

Security Boss Wall Pet Doors

Security Boss Wall Pet Doors


Dual flap, energy efficient door with a stainless steel tunnel and a dead bolt locking closing panel. 

Plexidor Swing Style Doors

Exterior Doors with pet door

Security Boss Wall Pet Doors

Shatter resistant swing style doors offer the best energy efficiency pet doors and durability availa

Shatter resistant swing style doors provide durability and highest level of energy efficient pet doors available.  Never replace flaps again.

Endura Flap Thermo Panel

Exterior Doors with pet door

Exterior Doors with pet door


A more cost effective way to put a pet door in your sliding glass door. These panels are energy efficient, sturdy panels that go right into your sliding glass doors.

Exterior Doors with pet door

Exterior Doors with pet door

Exterior Doors with pet door


Exterior Doors - We can replace your current French Doors or Sliding Glass Doors with a beautiful new door /s and put a glass insert with Blinds, French Grid, Clear Glass or a custom Designer Glass in the top and then put a secure pet door in the bottom. 

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We exclusively use Security Boss , Plexidor and Endura Flap for all our Pet Door Installations. These doors are all top of the line, energy efficient, secure pet doors. 

First Coast Pet Doors installs pet doors in, Screens, Doors and Walls. We can also replace your existing exterior door (human door) with a new half lite door and put a Doggie Door in the bottom. We install pet doors  in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Amelia Island and most of Northeast Florida.


Our pet doors are rated "high" for energy  efficiency and come with five to fifteen year warranties. Thick brush piles around the opening keeps bugs out and A.C. in. If needed, weather strips and flaps can easily be replaced.

* Our  flaps are UV coated and won't shrink, crack or yellow like typical inexpensive flaps do.  The PlexiDor models are made of a tough plexiglass materiel and will last many years.  All of our Dog Doors come with impact resistant, secure locking panels with  no entry locks and dead bolt locks.


Installation Only:  Any Pet Door you purchase for Screen Wall or Doors we will be happy to install. Just call us for a quote.

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